Clinical experience

Clinical experience #

Medical schools expect future applicants to explore their interests through firsthand exposure to healthcare. Direct experience can help you confirm whether you want to become a doctor and help you make an informed decision about your future career.

One of the best ways for you to gain this experience is by shadowing a physician. Many students arrange this initially through a family physician. If you do not have any personal contacts with physicians you may wish to send a letter of introduction to some physicians asking for the opportunity to shadow.

The main point of shadowing a physician is to observe. By observing how doctors and healthcare professionals interact with patients and each other, you will learn more about what it actually means to be a doctor on a daily basis.

You can also gain valuable experiences through volunteering or working at a hospital or clinic over the summer breaks.

These experiences will be important when it comes time to apply to medical school. During your interviews, schools will expect you to be able to discuss your healthcare exposure in detail, and how your experiences have confirmed your decision to become a physician.

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