Preparing for a career as a physician

Becoming a physician requires the development of a sharp scientific mind, excellent communication skills, and extraordinary dedication.

As a premed student, you need to build a strong foundation in the sciences and intellectual skills in a number of other areas. Medicine is a field firmly grounded in the sciences, but also centered on the human condition and our vulnerability to illness. A diverse liberal education can give you good preparation for the field of medicine by providing a strong foundation in the sciences and a broad understanding of the social and cultural dimensions of the worlds around you. Experiences beyond the classroom, such as volunteering and job shadowing, are also important in shaping your future career as a physician. Consult this Guidebook often for help navigating your path to medical school.

Preparing for medical school can be challenging, but we are here to help. This guidebook, as well as our advising services, will help you make a solid plan for your success.